I've had this job for over 20 years! Starting as an 18 year old sweeping the studio as an assistant photographer for one of the top commercial photographers in Puerto Rico at the time. There I learned everything I could about photography, technique and the business behind it. For another couple of years I assisted other top photographers further perfecting my skills and starting to shoot some personal projects and taking clients here and there. 

I then started taking workshops in Cuba and Maine and thats where I found my calling for shooting architecture, travel and documentary. Ive always enjoyed architecture being the son of a well accomplished architect but never really got into it as a photographer until 2003 when I started developing a portfolio and working on personal architecture projects. This led me to the Tren Urbano series which got me or one of my images from that series to the permanent collection of the Museo De Arte de Puerto Rico. From there Ive been concentrating only in shooting architecture and growing and learning new techniques to create the best possible images for me and my clients. I also shoot food and travel on a regular basis since they go hand by hand with architecture and specially most of my clients which are hotels.

I'm lucky enough to have photography in my life since its not only my job but also my passion. I wake up everyday grateful the I'm shooting something weather it is for a client or for me.

All images copyright José Gutiérrez. All rights reserved. 

Im also a proud husband and father. My wife and daughter are my drive to do my best every day. When not working with clients projects you can find me spending time with the family, shooting action sports and documentary or at the beach kitesurfing which has grown to become another passion for me. Watch out for some kite pics!